:33 < *ac says f33l fr33 to ask me any questions you may be pawndering about!*
:33 < ask box is here!

Anonymous asked:


Anonymous asked:


:33 < ohhhhhh who could this be!!!

: 33 < someone with flushed f33lings for me???

:33 < im scared of my ask box now the stuff in there is furightening! :((

Anonymous asked:

can i touch you

:33 < who is anonymous!!!

Anonymous asked:

fill a bucket with me

:33 < why are you anonymous saying these things to me :((

Anonymous asked:

can i pee on you

:33 < …

Anonymous asked:

Hey Nepeta its Vriska....your adori8le!
would you ma8ey be my matespright?

:33 < vriska are you okay your typing is kind of weird

Anonymous asked:

wwell hello nepeta do u wwana go on a romantic dinner together alone

:33 < who are you :((

:33 < sorry :((

:33 < i was gone for a little while to do something

:33 < ill get to the questions soon!!!

Anonymous asked:

Do you want some bloody faygo?

:33 < no